Am(y) McCulla
Sexual/Glamorous Center Color

Name Colorology - Key To Your Beauty, Personality, Romance and Success is one of the most amazing books ever written, a theory by:  Baron Paul Greycastle of how the different letters in our names are color coded and where those letters are located in our names, which determine the foundations of our personalities, talents, and color associations of our seven energy centers.  (Spiritual, Mental, Vocal, Physical, Control, Emotional, Sexual) and how we can use this information in every aspect of our life.  For example: Career Choices, Wardrobe, Home Decor., Personal Relationships, Romance, Beauty, Health, Image Projection, Changing negative habits and addictions into positive ones, and much more.  

Sound a little bit hard to believe?  Mr. Greycastle points out a little known fact in his book that the famous and brilliant scientist Sir Isaac Newton not only discovered the prism but he also aligned the colors of the spectrum to the Diatonic Scale (the musical scale) and how the different notes vibrate to the different colors.  Mr. Greycastle has now brought forth a tremendous amount of evidence that peoples names have had a "major factor" in shaping our world and those who have dominated it in all the major career fields.  Name Colorology will become a major force in the future shaping of our world not only by individuals wanting to improve every aspect of their life but by corporations and governments to vastly improve worker productivity and creative inventions.  The ergonomics of Name Colorology will be staggering!  Name Colorology will be used by practically every known career field and will become our foremost beauty and fashion philosophy.