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About The Author...

Baron Paul Greycastle has been called the "Color Genius" , "Color King", "fashion King", "Super Stylist" and the "Next Super Guru"! who has finally broken the human character and color codes. He has authored the book (Name Colorology Key to your Beauty, Personality, Romance and Success)

His philosophy has been called " the single most important work ever", in deciphering why we think, feel, believe, and act in the ways we do. He has shown that the most successful and famous people in many fields is based primarily on them cultivating the positive character traits of their color coded names and how we can cultivate our names to achieve success. Let's look at a couple of examples: Mr.Greycastle shows with overwhelming evidence that over 80 percent of individuals whose first or last names start with purple attuned letters B, I, P, & W's which he calls purple spiritual center people dominate the field of writers: ((B)arbara Taylor (B)radford, (P)ercy (B)ysshe Shelley, (W)alt (W)hitman, (W)illiam Faulkner, (W)illiam (P)enn, (W)illiam Shakespere, (W)illiam Taylor Adams, (W)illiam Vaughn Moody, (W)illiam (W)ordsworth)

Another example he shows in his book is that approximately 80% or higher, of the most famous singers have an orange letter D, K, R, & Y as the third sounding letters in their first or last names. He refers to these as orange vocal center people: (Ba(r)bara St(r)iesand, Dean Ma(r)tin, Dion Wa(r)wick, Lena Ho(r)ne, Ma(r)iah Ca(r)ey, Ma(r)tha Vandella, Me(r)le Haggart, Paul An(k)a, Pe(r)ry Como, Ri(c)ky Ma(r)tin)

(Click here to see a full list of examples.)

Want more convincing, Just read what professionals and individuals are saying about Mr. Greycastle, his philosophy, and Prior book.

"This man has an amazing talent. The phones were hot, very hot!" (Al Kline - Host of the Kelly & Kline Show, x-100 FM, San Francisco, CA)

"I could not put it down and it's my best selling book. Your Name & Colors will be a breakthrough, self-actualization book for the New Age enthusiast and for those looking to bring success into their lives." (Gil Lanese Ph.D, Owner of The Rock Shop, Oakland, CA)

"Genius pure genius. His only problem is that he is so far ahead of the crowd it'll take time for others to catch up. I predict he will eventually be recognized as the color and fashion king!" (Conroy Stillman, Owner Stillman Styles)

"Colors can break or make your appearance and enhance your success. He has the color magic to sparkle, color-up and brighten your life--day and night. He can guide you to superb perfection and color harmony." (Patricia Bragg, Ph.DAW., Author, Nutritionist to the Stars, Santa Barbara, CA)

"To apply His theory, not only a spectacular result can be achieved in the home, but it could become an environment that enables the client to achieve their dreams--creative, financial, romantic, etc. I plan to use it!" (Peggy Abbott, Interior Designer, Benicia, CA)

"There is much to be learned in the area of color analysis and Mr. Greycastle's theory makes for "very" interesting reading!" (Jamie Hardin Barry Evans Studio, Master of Photography, ASP, Photographic Craftsman, PPA, Certified Professional Photographer, PPA, Pinole, CA)

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful presentation of Your Name & Colors. The ladies enjoyed your presentation so much that each and everyone called me the next day to say how very much they did enjoy the class and how very helpful and kind you were to them. So many thanks from all of us." Joy Boles-Letang, The Hypnotherapy Center, Dublin, CA)

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