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  • How to project and create any one of the Seven Image Types by using your colors that are attuned to your Centers and the Styles that are appropiate for these image types:
  • Spiritual - Youthful/Wholesome, Sporty/Cheerful, Creative/Imaginative, Inventful/Genius, Spiritual/Moral.
  • Mental - Intellectual/Studious, Analytical/Logical, Practical/Non-Flashy.
  • Vocal - Harmonious/Fluent, Controversational
  • Physical - Dramatic/Bold, Kind/Warm, Truthful/Sincere, Giving/Caring, Physical/Dynamic.
  • Control - Empowered/Corporate, In Control, Dignified/Cultured Authoritative, Regal, Refined, Formal.
  • Emotional - Romantic/Emotional, Soft/Feminine, Relaxed/Content, Passive/Restful, Soulful.
  • Sexual - Sexy/Seductive, Glamorous/Shimmering, Earthy/Grounded, Secretive/Survivalist.

How to succeed in career/business interviews by knowing your interviewer's name (This is very important in today's job market.)

Here is an example of the success of this system in an interview:

"Dear Mr. Greycastle" Thank you for the consultation on my interview with the hospital. By using key words, which you gave me, in my interview, I received immediate acceptance. Both women were nodding their heads yes to all my answers. The interview went extremely smooth and I left them on a very positive note. They did caution me that it might be three weeks beofre I heard from personnel - but to my surprise, I was called the next week. Knowing what each woman was looking for in conversation was extremely effective in guiding the interview to a successful result." (Nancy Juliene Frazier)


  • How to stimulate your loved one emotionally and open up romantically or sexually by wearing their emotional/sexual center colors and knowing their emotional center/romantic center traits.
  • Name compatabilty analysis of love one's name or potential love mate's name.
  • How to use cosmetics using the Greycastle Letter Color Theory.
  • How to cultivate your sexual center and become more glamorous, sexy, and seductive.


  • How to cultivate your physical center, lose weight and control your impulsive habits.
  • How to cultivate your spiritual center and become more spirited and happy.


  • How to cultivate your spiritual center and become more creative.
  • How to cultivate your control center and become corporate, authoritative and empowered.
  • How to become a better interior designer.
  • How to become a better singer, model, or actress/actor.
  • Finding your children's natural creative/genius traits.
  • Determining the right colors and words in your advertising!
  • The two key most important simple formulas for success!

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These are just a few of the many career fields he list in his book. In all of the Seven Spectrum Colors he shows how each color types dominate several fields:

  • Red - Medical, Physical, and Health Professionals, Journalists, Truth Talk Show Hosts, Romantic Writers, etc.

  • Green - Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Peacemakers, Architects, Healers, Models, Pro Quarterbacks, etc.

  • Orange - Marketing, Advertising, Promoters, Artists, Advisers, and Consultants, etc.

  • Blue - Interior Designers, Fashion Stylists, Inventors, Corporate Executives, Spiritualists, etc.

  • Flesh - Organizers, Musical Composers, Cosmotologists, Moral Advisers, Anthropologists, Archeologists, etc.

  • Purple - Writers, Publishers, Image Consultants, Cultural Historians, Psychics,Wealthiest etc.

  • Yellow - Educaters, Teachers, Positive Thinking Philosiphers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Sales, Scientists, Analysts, etc.

In his book Mr. Greycastle gives his simple advice for Success
- Learn what it is!

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